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Automated Release Notes

A new and better way to communicate software updates.

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Happy Teams Distributing Beautiful Release Notes Automatically

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Showcase New Features & Fixes

Release notes are the best solution for communicating changes to your code base internally and externally. That’s why they should be effortless to create, distribute, and maintain on every deployment. Whether you’re deploying to an internal QA team or production we have you covered with:

  • Unlimited Automatic Release Note Generation

  • Automatic Compilation of Bugs, Enhancements, and Breaking Changes

  • Traceability From Release Notes to Pull Requests & Code Changes

  • Distribution of Release Notes To Team Members, Stakeholders, & Customers

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Versioning Simplified

We’ll automatically manage semantic versioning for you to ensure it’s always clear at a glance what your new release contains. We know your users rely on this info to save countless hours of headaches. With Next Release it’s as easy as adding a label to a pull request.

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NHS Digital GP Connect 2019


Sharing is Caring

Release notes are meant to be shared. They let each of your users know what new features are available, what bugs have been resolved, and if they can easily integrate the new release without breaking existing functionality. Whether you need to notify the team down the hall or hundreds of active users, we make it easy to get your release notes out.


The Best Release Every Time

We follow release note best practices to ensure every one of your releases has elegant and engaging notes. From organization of features, enhancements, and bug fixes to perfect formatting, we ensure your release notes always deliver an amazing experience to your customers.

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